Monday, 1 April 2019


52 years old Mohammad Akhlaq was sleeping in his house and suddenly a mob of people barged in with sticks and metal rods. The mob lynched Akhlaq to death. While he was beaten his wife, Son and daughter watched in horror. Akhlaq died infront of their eyes. The reason justified for this cruelty was Akhlaq and his family consumed Beef. His family has to leave his 70 years old house and take refugee in an Indian Air Force zone.

12 years old Imtiyaz Khan and 32 years old Majloom Ansari were on their way to a Cattle trade fair. They wanted to sell their Oxen to get money for their livelihood. Inbetween few Cow Vigilantes attacked both of them and lynched them to death. Their bodies were found hanged on a tree.

Junaid Khan with his brothers was returning back to his house and was in a train running towards Mathura. A group of Hindutva agents started abusing Junaid as he had wore his traditional Muslim skull cap. They started with communal slurs and stabbed Junaid to death.

Four people from Dalit community (the underprivileged class) were tied to a jeep and beaten with wooden sticks. The video evidence also clears that the so called Cow protection gangs used fibre sticks to beat those innocent people. Later it was found that the police force along with the Cow gang did this in purpose, just because they had hatred towards the dalit community.

How much more incidents, I have to tell. It is not going to finish. The whole of India is filled with these Racist hate mongers. They are everywhere. They are in Politics, Judiciary,School, College, IIT,  government, Public offices , and whichever Countries they have relocated. 

Specifically, these so called Cow protective group's are well known as Right wingers or Hindutva wadis. Many such organisations work together. And most of them are well supported by the Police. Henious crimes, Discrimination and Robberies are been carried out by this Cow groups hiding behind Moral Policing.

Mainly Bajrang Dal, Vhp and other are running these hate campaigns all over the Country. A recent news also said that CIA has listed Bajrang Dal and VHP as militant organistaions. Both of these are part of RSS which also has been named under various killings and carrying out terrorist attacks in India. The frightening part is, the current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is himself a RSS member. Lynchings, Racist attacks, discrimination with Muslims and Dalits is found happening more oftenly since the ruling party BJP has come in power. 

Atleast 25-30 people according to official records have been killed in such cases of mob lynching. Unfortunately, we do not see the extremists behind bars. Infact it looks like they are getting more protection and power.

Shouldn't we worry about this? Yes offcourse. There is no satisfactory action been taken against such culprits. Infact recent news state that most of the people who have been caught under act of terrorism, specifically belonging to right wing are getting acquitted inspite of having enough evidences against them. This shoulds raise question's. This is something we should worry about.

A major part of community consist of peace loving and law abiding citizens. Hatred towards others should never be entertained. We should unite and fight against these hate mongers.


                    To begin with, we need to go back and study what Dr. Ambedkar really wanted to do?

Dr. Babasaheb ambedkar as we all know was a strong opposer of caste discrimination and hence he drafted some serious and important point's in  '' The constitution of INDIA'' . He did succeed in some part and was opposed for some, of which we will discuss about.

It all started in 1909 when The muslim's were allowed separate electorates in INDIA and it's but obvious,i do agree with them because they thought they would be left permanently to Hindu majority rule .
Similarly Dr. B.R.Ambedkar in sep 1932 asked for a separate electorate in favor of the Dalit category as he wanted to empower the backward class so that it should make there position better in the society. 

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar proposed the concept for separate electorate for Dalit's in the "Round Table Conference".

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Buddha And His Dhamma

Friends we all read and heard the story of Buddha, about the day when the first time in his life at the age of 29 he saw an old man, A sick man and a died man because of which he went into exile.Friends i don't know how this story got so publicity although it's not at all true. Let us in short know about the true life of Buddha.

  • It was in 06th century B.C.,there was no single sovereign state.
  • The country was divided into two states ''The Monarchical'' and the ''The Non-Monarchical'' state.
  • Monarchical state ? Non-Monarchical state ?. If i rule a country, after me my son rules and then his son rules and so on and a Republic state is called as a non-monarchical state.
  • The Non-monarchical states were known as SANGH or GANA.
  • There were many ruling families in Republic of the Sakyas and they ruled in turns.
  • The head of ruling family was known as Raja.
  • At the time of birth of Siddharth Gautam,it was his father's turn Suddodhana to be the Raja.
I will not write much about Siddharth Gautam's childhood, you can read ''The Buddha and his Dhamma'' by Dr. Ambedkar. We will directly move on towards Siddharth Gautam's first step towards his early traits.

  • Whenever Siddharth went to his father's farm and found no work he used to practice meditation.
  • Once he saw some laborer's ploughing land, cutting trees,etc dressed in scanty clothes under hot burning sun.
  • He was greatly moved by the sight.
  • Siddharth did not like exploitation of man by man.
  • Although Siddharth was born in a Warrior family he always refused to go hunting as he did not like killing of innocent animals.
  • Siddharth got married to Yeshodhara at the age of sixteen and after a long term of marriage Yeshodhara gave birth to a son. He was named Rahula.
  • Siddhartha was twenty years old now.
  • The sakya had their Sangh. [ Sangh could be defined as  a community or a group of people who practice thing in a disciplined manner]
  • It was a trend followed by sakyas that every sakya youth had to be initiated into sangh at the age of twenty and be a member of the sangh.
  • Without any hesitation the former members of the sangh accepted Siddharth as the new sangh member.
  • There were very strict rules followed by the sangh members. Every one has to obey and respect the desicion made by the sangh members otherwise they would be punished.

The root cause of Siddharth going into exile.

  • Siddharth was now 28 years old and was very well following the sangha principles.
  • Bordering the state of Sakyas there was another state the 'Koliyas' which were divided by river Rohini.
  • The water from Rohini was used by both Sakyas and koliyas and every season there used to be a dispute between these two states.The dispute was for who will use the water first ?
  • The Senapati  { the leader of Sangha } one day put forward a proposition in front of the sangha member to wage a war against the Koliyas so as to end the dispute of rowing water from the river Rohini and for that a voting poll was taken.
  • The majority of votes with were the Senapati however Siddharth Gautam and some sangh members were against it.
  • Siddharth Gautam said:'' This shows that we are not free from blame.I therefore  propose that we elect two men from us and the koliyas should be asked to elect two from them and the four should elect a fifth person and these should settle the dispute.''
  • The resolution and the amendment put by Siddharth was declared lost by an overwhelming majority and the Senapati won.
  • Next day the senapati called another meeting of the sakya sangh.
  • The meeting was attended by both sides---those who were with the senapati and those who were with Siddharth Gautam.
  • Sidharth once again opposed the decision of Senapati and hence as per the Sangh rules he has to face punishment..
  • The Sangh could not give a death punishment however they were able to punish in other ways which were, A} The Sangh will declare a social boycott against Siddharth's family and B}The Sangh can confiscate Sidharth's family land.
  • Siddharth realized the consequences that would follow if he continued opposition to the sangh. he had three alternatives to consider --to join forces and to participate in the war;to consent to being hanged or exiled ; and to allow the members of his family to be condemned to a social boycott and confiscation of property.
  • Siddharth accepted the second option and went to exile. 
                                                                                                                     By - Rahul R Moon.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Greatest Indian

Today in the morning after having my cup of tea i thought of this post. A few days ago one of the INDIAN news channel hosted a show asking to vote for the greatest Indian. Now you might think ''what is the issue in that'' ?
Well the contest question was asked in this manner ---------
 Who is the greatest Indian ''after'' Mahatma Gandhi ?

 The contest pissed me off not because Mr. Gandhi is already on the top rank or i did not win , i want to ask all of  you readers, why the hell these guys are forcefully trying to put into our mind that Gandhi is the greatest INDIAN and everyone other - rank after him. Are they afraid of Gandhi not getting votes ? to win the contest or is it something else ????????????

Well click this link for Dr Ambedkar's interview with BBC taken in year 1955 where he told about the true facts of Gandhi. Dr. Ambedkar clearly mentions Gandhi as an Orthodox human supporting caste system.

These is definitely a specific community who want's to rule over all Indian's by playing different types of mind games.

You might think me as a racist guy with red eyes spitting venom against a specific religion but believe me that's not the case i am not trying to hurt people sentiment, I am just trying to reveal the true INDIAN history which is been kept hidden from the people and about the hidden caste discrimination going on, especially in INDIA.

                                                                                                                   By - Rahul R Moon.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Racism in India

Racism in INDIA will be a very controversial topic as most part of INDIA still lives with a orthodox mindset, it could be killing of unborn female feotus, Religious riots or inter-cast marriage and many more. I don't know how to start with this as this is my first blog , however we all know about the practice which is followed by society to humiliate each other in the name of caste.

We all know the Britisher's came to INDIA as trader's and applied there '' divide and rule'' policy and hence ruled over INDIA for approximately 140 year's and the same thing was followed and is continued by the higher caste (bramhin's) to rule over us.

 ''No matter how much rich you are or how much intelligent you are, you cannot be  intelligent or wiser than a Bramhin (said by a Bramhin scholar..reference - ''INDIA Untouched'' documentary video).

The point i want to highlight is how people are fooled and are been used by the higher caste in order to implement there ''Divide and rule'' policy. There are many and many examples in our everyday life what we see and hear.Also a very serious point i would like to make which is INDIAN ruler's are trying to apply this divide and rule policy onto it's neighboring countries and currently INDIAN relation's with it's neighbor's are not so good.

There were people like Michael Jackson , Nelson Mandela, Dr B.R.Ambedkar and many more who were born when racism was at peak level but they made a very big impact on human lives. They changed people and their way of thinking.
The content in the above photo says ''Dalit people should not enter the kitchen''.

There is still a temple in south India were a tradition followed by Bramhin's asking dalit people to role over there leftover food as a cure for skin disease's . (i wonder what thing in their food cures skin diseases)

There are still places in INDIA were Dalit's cannot wear footwear near a  higher caste person's premises.

There are still canteens in INDIA were a Dalit has to wash his chai cup after drinking.
There is a place in Maharashtra were Dalit's are asked to use oil for cooking which was used for idol worship.
You can understand how humiliating and embracing tradition these are and in fact many more which we are not aware of.These are not tradition's these is something i can call as to fool someone in the name of god.

The person who fought for all Dalit's THE LEGEND '' DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR '' is today just a leader of buddhist society . I have rarely seen his photograph in a non buddhist house,what does that mean? it mean's that people don't know the work what he did for them. All power's and mind games,strategy are been applied to make sure that Dr. B.R.Ambedkar and the work done by him should not reach to people .Even people do not know about The Great ''MAHATMA JYOTIRAO PHULE''  and THE GREAT SHAHU MAHARAJ .Let me tell you these two belonged to Other Backward Class community and were Guru's of Dr. Ambedkar.

Click here to view the video where

 Prof. NIcolas Dirks from Columbia University Talks about Dr. Ambedkar

It is my humble request to all reader's , try to research Dr. Ambedkar's work and you will see how he saved all of us from the clutches of caste system.


Caste discrimination is not only in INDIA but now the higher caste people who have settled in UK have started the same thing over there.According to a report titled ''Voice of community -- a study into caste and caste discrimination in the UK'', says caste system is widespread and it affect thousands of people.
The study says 58 people out of 300 people surveyed said they had been discriminated against because of their caste.
Almost half of respondents said they were treated negatively by their colleges at work because of their caste and comments passed on their caste.
Some said they did not get promotions in their work, some said they been paid less all because they belong to a lower caste(Dalit people).
while British law currently does not protect people suffering from caste based discrimination.
This study was made by academics from Manchester,Hertfordshire,Metropolitan University.
If UK government does not take action on this issue then this caste discrimination will grow more.

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As mentioned earlier all kind of cunning politics is done in order to to humiliate the backward caste people.The current real ruler"s of INDIA (Bramhins)always do some stuff in order to disturb the dalit.
For which the best example is the cartoon of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar mentioned in study syllabus of std-eleventh political science book by the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING .

I would like to make it clear that i do have a very good sense of humor and i believe in democracy and know what meaning does this cartoon has. However would like to ask NCERT, was it so necessary to put this cartoon in the study book of young children"s now ?
All readers must understand that, all this ugly things are been done to disturb or to provoke backward class people to create conflicts between each other. By doing this, the higher caste shows or make the backward class people realize that ''Whatever you do, Whoever you are,' We are the puppeteer's and you are our puppet's'' .

Just an Informatory part ''when the election took place in order to appoint the first prime minister of INDIA,out of 15 votes 14 votes went to Sardar Patel and 1 vote went to Nehru but still Nehru was selected by Congress as the first Prime Minister of INDIA.
Now the question is why and what was the reason behind that? 
Nehru- Kashmiri Pundit.
Sardar Patel- Belonged to backward caste.
Logical answer '' I leave it to you''.

''Unfortunately for me i was born a Hindu Untouchable. It was beyond my power to prevent that but i declare that it is within my power to refuse to live under ignoble and humiliating conditions. I solemnly assure you that i will not die a Hindu'' 
Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

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